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Commodity trading in the financial markets involves the buying and selling of contracts for various raw materials like gold, oil, and agricultural products such as wheat and coffee. These commodities are categorized into two main groups: hard commodities, comprising metals and energy, and soft commodities such as agricultural products.

Commodity traders speculate on the potential price fluctuations and the commodities are bought or sold based on factors such as supply and demand dynamics, geopolitical events, and economic indicators. Many experienced investors incorporate commodities into their portfolios as a strategic move for diversification, as their price movements tend to oppose those of stocks. They frequently turn to commodities as a hedge against market instability, seeking to balance their portfolios during uncertain times.

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Cotton vs US Dollar
Soybean vs US Dollar
Cocoa vs US Dollar
Sugar vs US Dollar
Wheat vs US Dollar

Frequently Asked Questions

In uncertain times for the market, a safe haven is a commodity that is predicted to hold or even rise in value. To minimize losses during market downturns, traders favour safe-haven products. Gold is among these commodities that offer a safe refuge.
Commodity refers to raw materials and primary goods that can be exchanged with similar other goods. Another term used for commodities is raw material. Commodities can be considered as materials that are primary for the production of goods such as gasoline, oil, and electricity.
In the ePlanet broker, WTI spot and Brent spot are offered to users
The factors influencing the price changes of commodities include: – Dollar index – Changes in commodity reserves – Key economic indicators in influential countries – Increase or decrease in interest rates in countries that are globally dependent – Certain policies affecting the supply of commodities – Occurrence of certain natural events
Traders are attracted to the commodity market due to its wide range of products including precious metals, oil, wheat, and gold. This market offers attractive opportunities during crises such as economic fluctuations. Additionally, it garners more attention as a hedge against inflation and currency value fluctuations.