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Leading stock indices like the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and NASDAQ Composite track the performance of US companies. ePlanet Brokers also offers trading the stock indices of Germany, Japan, and Great Britain. Stock index trading enables investors to diversify portfolios and explore opportunities for both long-term and medium-term investments.

The realm of stock index trading involves the exchange of baskets of stocks reflecting the performance of various international companies, offering valuable insights into investor sentiment and market directions. Traders engage in buy or sell trades to capitalize on price fluctuations, speculating on future index movements. Trading indices is quite popular due to the market’s liquidity and volatility. Indices serve as t of the economic health of the regions or sectors they represent and changes in the economy or the central banks’ monetary policies can cause the indexes’ volatility to increase which leads to great trading opportunities.

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Indices Instruments Available on ePlanet

UK 100 Cash Index
Dow Jones 30
Germany 30 Cash index

Frequently Asked Questions

NASDAQ: This index focuses primarily on technology and internet companies and is often used to evaluate the performance of technology and transferable assets Dow Jones: This index focuses on the 30 largest and most well-known industrial companies in the United States and reflects the overall performance of the stock market in the US S&P 500: This index includes 500 large and well-known companies in the US stock market and is recognized as a general indicator of the performance of the US stock market as a whole
NASDAQ 100: US100 Dow Jones: US30 S&P 500: SP500 UK100: FTSE 100 DAX 40: GER40
Stock indices are very popular due to their liquidity and daily fluctuations.
In ePlanet brokers, you can also trade stock indices of Germany, Japan, and Britain.