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In financial markets, trading various metals, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper is common. These metals are traded through instruments such as CFDs or Spot contracts to safeguard traders’ capital and enhance portfolio diversity. 

 For instance, gold is particularly sought after for its status as a safe haven asset during economic downturns, as it maintains intrinsic value even in challenging financial climates. Metal prices frequently experience notable fluctuations, driven by factors such as geopolitical turmoil, economic unpredictability, and disruptions in supply chains. Moreover, specific metals may demonstrate seasonal variations in demand, with heightened consumption observed during periods of construction or manufacturing activity.

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Metals Instruments Available on ePlanet

Copper vs US Dollar
Silver vs US-Dollar
Gold vs Euro
Gold vs US-Dollar
Silver vs Euro
Platinium vs US-Dollar
Palladium vs US-Dollar

Frequently Asked Questions

Among metals, gold is more attractive for traders, as it is also more prevalent and its liquidity in the market is higher. Therefore, it is the best choice for trading. Additionally, gold consistently maintains its value and is considered a low-risk investment
Silver with symbol XAG, platinum with symbol XPT, and gold with symbol XAU are among the most popular metals among traders
These metals are traded through (CFDs) Contracts for Difference or futures contracts
If you are a gold trader, the Gold account with the lowest spread and commission is available to traders