Introducing Broker (IB) Agreement

This section introduces the agreement between you (the IB) and ePlanet LTD Brokers with limited liability. This agreement defines the terms and conditions of your IB account at ePlanet LTD Brokers and other related activities. The most important points to be noted are:

1. General Provisions
1.1. The company and the IB commit to jointly cooperating to attract clients to conduct transactions using the company’s tools.
1.2. The IB agrees that all clients it attracts are the company’s clients.
1.3. Both parties are obliged to adhere to the terms of this agreement unless expressly stated otherwise in other contracts.
1.4. If there is a discrepancy between the English version and a translation into another language, the English version shall prevail.

2. Rights and Obligations of the IB in the agreement with ePlanet Brokers LTD
2.1. The IB must create an IB account with the company to receive commissions and complete the registration form available on the company’s website to register as an IB.
2.2. The IB must provide accurate and valid information about the company’s brokerage services agreements to clients.
2.3. The IB must inform clients about the risks associated with financial markets.
2.4. The IB commits to having honest and correct behavior in all communications with current and potential clients regarding trading activities.
2.5. The IB must carefully study the company’s information resources and inform clients about significant changes.
2.6. Information about the company and its services posted on the IB’s website or social media pages must be up-to-date. The company may request the removal or updating of invalid or irrelevant information on the IB’s website, and the IB must respond to this request as soon as possible.
2.7. The IB is allowed to launch and conduct advertising campaigns, provided that the company approves those campaigns.
2.8. The IB must not use illegal methods to attract clients, including deception and providing insufficient information about the risks of financial transactions.
2.9. The IB must not use inappropriate advertising, including advertising on unethical sites, deliberately incorrect information about the company’s services, and any other unrelated advertising.
2.10. A complete identity verification must be performed to withdraw commissions.
2.11. In case of any issues during work and service provision, the IB must contact the company and discuss the details of the problem.
2.12. The IB must not use the company’s trademarks, exclusive rights, or intellectual products without the company’s prior written consent.
2.13. The IB must not attract web traffic or clients from a list of prohibited countries. In case of repeated violations, the company has the right to terminate cooperation with the IB.

3. Rights and Obligations of the Company in the Agreement with the IB
3.1. According to the general agreement terms, The company is committed to opening trading accounts for clients introduced by the IB.
3.2. The company must provide usernames and passwords to enable client trading activities in the system.
3.3. The company is responsible for comprehensively recording and maintaining all client activities.
3.4. The company is responsible for paying partnership commissions to the IB.
3.5. If the IB violates the obligations stated in the agreement, the company has the right to terminate the agreement unilaterally.
3.6. The company may request verification of client registration sources from the IB. If the IB refuses, the company cannot pay the IB.

4. Dispute Resolution in the Partnership Agreement
4.1. Request for Additional Information: The company may request that the IB provide the necessary information to resolve the dispute.
4.2. Company’s Response to the Claim: The company must review the claim received from the IB and email the result to the IB within ten business days.
4.3. Dispute Resolution Through Negotiation: Disputes arising from the interpretation or execution of this agreement should first be resolved through negotiation.

5. Information Exchange between the Company and the IB
5.1. Company Communication Methods: The company will contact the IB using the following communication methods:
– Email: [email protected] ;
– Notice in the relevant section on the company’s website;
– Other communication methods determined by the company.
5.2. Acceptance Time for Messages and Notices:
– Emails are considered accepted one hour after sending.
– Phone conversations are considered accepted immediately after the conversation ends.
– Notices published on the company’s website are accepted one hour after publication.

6. Confidential Information
6.1. Prohibition of Disclosing Confidential Information: The IB is not allowed to disclose confidential information related to the company’s work and services to competitors or rival companies. This includes sensitive and critical information about the company’s operations, strategies, and work methods.
6.2. Protection of Personal Information and Client Transactions: Both parties (the company and the IB) protect clients’ personal information and account details and prevent disclosing information related to client transactions. This includes all data that could reveal clients’ identities or details of their financial and transactional activities.

7. Revenues and Mutual Settlements for IB Accounts
7.1. Payment of IB Commissions: The company is committed to paying commissions to IBs for all transactions performed by clients introduced by the IB, regardless of whether the clients have made a profit.
7.2. Payment Calculations: The company determines the rebate rate for payments to IBs. Rebate rates and changes can be seen on the company’s website and in the IB’s cabin.
7.3. No Reward for Transactions Using Bonuses: No reward is paid for transactions made using bonuses.
7.4. No Reward for Short-Term Transactions: No reward is paid for closed transactions less than a hundred and twenty seconds after opening.

8. Final Conditions:
8.1. Registration as an IB: Anyone who registers as an IB is deemed to have accepted this partnership agreement.
8.2. Acceptance of the Agreement: By accepting this agreement, the IB confirms that:
– They are aware of the terms and conditions of the agreement.
– They understand and agree with all the terms and conditions.
– There are no obstacles to accepting the agreement.
8.3. Use of Contact Information: The IB agrees that the company will use the contact details provided at registration to send letters or other information.
8.4. Duration of the Agreement: This agreement is concluded for an unlimited period.
8.5. Termination of the Agreement: Either party may terminate this agreement by sending a notice to the other party at least three business days before the termination date.

By signing this contract, both parties commit to all the clauses mentioned in the current agreement.