The Us VS. China

Issue Number: 5

Issue Pages: 45

Date: May 13, 2024

  • 2024 The BOE does a one-eighty in
  • Canada's Labor Market Booms
  • All Eyes on Inflation

ePlanet Times No.5 weekly forex newspaper 

As a comprehensive forex-based resource, ePlanet Times (weekly forex newspaper) enables you to understand and analyze price movements in the global markets. Through this weekly newspaper we strive to create a suitable medium for our traders to recognize factors affecting prices and to prepare them for the key events in the coming week. By providing unbiased opinions and analyses, ePlanet’s analytical team accompanies you towards more conscious and well-informed decisions for their trades.  

An Overview of ePlanet Times NO. 5 “The US vs. China: the Tariff Tales”

The fifth edition of ePlanet Times published on Sunday strives to guide all market participants and traders towards more conscious and profitable trading decisions by providing in depth analysis of the global financial markets. This edition focuses on the most influential developments of the previous week while presenting key events in the coming week with potential scenarios and their impacts on the global financial markets. 

Let’s begin with the Weekly Wrap-up. Last week central banks took the center stage as both the RBA and the BOE announced policy rates. Although they kept their interest rates unchanged, significantly different signals were given to the market participants. While The Bank of England surprised markets with two members voting for immediate rate cuts, suggesting a potential shift in their stance, the RBA emphasized on prioritizing a slower, more cautious approach to inflation control compared to other countries. 

On the geopolitical side, things were heating up as The US imposed new tariffs on China, escalating trade tensions and potentially disrupting global supply chains.

The economic data last week showed us that the growth situation in the UK was looking promising as the Q1 GDP was higher than initially anticipated. In the US, the unemployment claims and consumer sentiment showcased that as the labor market is softening, the American consumers are getting more and more concerned.  

Next week’s economic focus shifts to US inflation data, crucial for determining potential interest rate cuts. This data, along with other indicators like retail sales and industrial production, will be released throughout the week. 

Later in the week, Japan’s GDP report and Australia’s employment data will be in focus. China will release a flurry of economic updates, including industrial production and retail sales, offering insights into its economic performance. Finally, the Eurozone’s final inflation report will be crucial for shaping market expectations on potential rate cuts by the European Central Bank. 

The economic analysis of the week, Written by Ali Rezapour focuses on the possibility of another surge in the price of gold, while the technical analysis of the week provides possible trading scenarios for symbols like EURJPY, NZDUSD, WTI and S&P 500. 

For a deeper dive into the reports and developments mentioned, we recommend exploring the fifth edition of ePlanet Times: “The US vs. China: The Tariff Tales 4.”

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