The Dollar Pops!

Issue Number: 6

Issue Pages: 53

Date: May 20, 2024

  • Powell is Happy With The Producer Inflation
  • Markets Awaiting Europe's Growth
  • Pounds Frantic Week

ePlanet Times No.6 weekly forex newspaper 

As a comprehensive forex-based resource, ePlanet Times (weekly forex newspaper) enables you to understand and analyze price movements in the global markets. Through this weekly newspaper we strive to create a suitable medium for our traders to recognize factors affecting prices and to prepare them for the key events in the coming week. By providing unbiased opinions and analyses, ePlanet’s analytical team accompanies you towards more conscious and well-informed decisions for their trades.  

An Overview of ePlanet Times NO.6 “The Dollar Pops!” 

The sixth edition of ePlanet Times published on Sunday, strives to guide all market participants and traders towards more conscious and profitable trading decisions by providing in depth analysis of the global financial markets. This edition focuses on the most influential developments of the previous week while presenting key events in the coming week with potential scenarios and their impacts on the global financial markets. 

Let’s begin with the Weekly Wrap-up. The global economic landscape saw mixed signals during the week of May 13th to 17th. In the US, inflation data eased slightly especially in the core version, potentially pointing to a Federal Reserve rate cut in September. However, concerns still linger about inflation in housing and services. Despite positive signs in US consumer prices, suggesting easing inflation, cautious consumer spending in the US due to a weakening labor market and high interest rates paints a complex picture.
Meanwhile, the US-China trade war intensified with new tariffs and export restrictions, casting a shadow on global economic stability.

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The week showcased central banks navigating a tightrope walk between curbing inflation and stimulating economic growth. In New Zealand, falling inflation expectations fell and recessionary pressure concerns rose and The UK saw a rise in unemployment, but the wage growth proved to be stubborn.
Australia’s slowing wage growth suggests a possible RBA rate cut later this year, while Japan’s economic concerns continue with a declining GDP and rising inflation. China’s uneven economic recovery highlights the challenges of balancing industrial growth with sluggish domestic demand.  

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In the News Digest section, ePlanet Times focuses on recent updates and developments reported by reliable news sources or stated by influential figures in the financial markets. In this edition the News Digest centered around statements from the FOMC members like Bostic, Goolsbee and Jefferson and the ECB officials like Knot. 

The coming week will again be quite calm for the financial markets based on economic data releases. ePlanet Time focuses on central bank decisions, inflation reports, and purchasing managers’ indices (PMIs). 

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) is likely to maintain interest rates at 5.5% on Tuesday, aiming to curb inflation. Canada’s CPI data, also released on Tuesday, could influence expectations for a Bank of Canada rate cut in June. The Federal Reserve’s May meeting minutes, released on Wednesday, will be scrutinized for clues on potential rate cuts.

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S&P Global’s Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for various countries will be released on Thursday providing insights into business health and economic growth. The US PMI data, for instance, might indicate a slowdown in the service sector, a key driver of the American economy.
The coming week will see the inflation data from Japan and the UK. The BOJ might consider raising interest rates if inflation surpasses expectations. 

The economic analysis of the week, Written by ePlanet Brokers’ Analytical Team focuses on the US Dollar, while the technical analysis of the week provides possible trading scenarios for symbols like EURAUD, NZDCAD, GBPCHF and Bitcoin. 

For a deeper dive into the reports and developments mentioned, we recommend exploring the sixth edition of ePlanet Times: “The Dollar Pops!.”

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